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Keith Burgad - President

1987-2002 Keith Burgad Photographer
2002-2010 Burgad Imaging Inc.
2010-Present KBPhotoMax
Experience with various companies in the photography profession centered around school services. Trained as school photographer beginning with senior portraits and underclass portraits. Self trained for wedding and family portraits. Self employed photographer maintained successful wedding business and began expansion into the arena of school photography. Certified member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and is a member in good standing since 1999. Founded the corporation Burgad Imaging Inc. specializing in school photography. Member and speaker for Professional School Photographer of America (PSPA) Member and speaker for Photo Marketing Association (PMA). Member Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce since 2000. Member Lodi Chamber of Commerce. Member in good standing Better Business Bureau.

Keith personally handles all levels of the business from start to finish:

Graphic Artist
Also known as our “Creative Genius”. Responsible for designing dance backgrounds, informational pamphlets, flyers and developing and implementing market strategies for new and existing clientele. Retouching and digital editing of images. Also extensively experienced in  printing and production.

Office Manager

Responsible for outside service and support for all schools and  Sports Leagues. Works directly with the site administrators and staff  to provide all service items, schedule all shoot dates, and provide all information needed to schedule the photographers. Produces all literature needed prior to each shoot.
Office Customer Service

Handle excess incoming telephone calls for direction, reorders and resolutions.
  Also responsible for yearbook support for schools as well as design of numerous yearbooks. Quality control of package content prior to delivery to clients.
Clerk Customer Service  

General assistance at photo shoots, customer assistance and question answering. Responsible for ensuring the appearance of children prior to their photograph being taken. Assistance with packaging and assuring the accuracy of packages prior to their delivery. We are always open to working with energetic professional people. If you are interested in working in the photographic industry, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Responsible for capturing genuine expressions at proper exposures and following photographic instructions from Keith. Transports equipment to and from shoots, takes responsibility for maintenance of equipment. Capture candid images at special events. Familiar with Canon lines of cameras and Windows environment computers.
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Mailing address only: 6507 Pacific Ave #139  Stockton, CA 95207  209-478-9333