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Q. I don't like to pay for portraits of my child before I see them.
A. Relax, we guarantee you will be happy with your portrait. We use a higher ratio of experienced professional photographers than any company in the industry.

Q. Can I write one check for all my children (in different grade levels)?
A. In order to ensure your order is processed correctly, that is not recommended. Each child needs to bring his/her payment to the phtographer individually on portrait day.

Q. How do I order just the class photo?
A. If you want to order just the class photo, they are $12 item #8 on the 2009 order form.

Q. Can I turn in an order form late? 
A. Yes, turn in your late order to the office for the next three school days. However, you CANNOT order a Color background, that must be oredered at the time of pictures.  

Q. I forgot my picture order form can I still take a photo?
A. Yes, all students are photographed for the yearbook regardless if they are ordering or not. In addition you will receive an order form instead of your picture package that will give you a second chance to order. 

Q. How long will it take to get my pictures back?
Guaranteed in four weeks or less

Q. I received my child's portrait and I am not happy with them, what do I do?
A. Simple, have your child bring the portrait package back to school on re-take day. We will gladly re-take your portrait and allow your child to assist in choosing a great portrait. Occasionally we have experienced schools allowing parents to accompany their child to retake day. You may check with your school administration and accompany your child and we will gladly allow you to choose your final product.

Q. What if my child cannot attend re-take day at school?
A. If you absolutely cannot make it for a re-take, simply return your package and we will happily refund your money.

Q. Do you have combs?
A. Yes, all photographers are required to bring supply of disposable combs.

Q. Do you accept credit cards payments?
A. Yes we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express with a $25 minimum purchase. Please print this form and enclose it in your child's envelope in place of a check or cash.

Q. What is the difference between fall and spring portraits?
A. Fall portraits go into the school's yearbook and are used to make ID badges and many school office administrative tools. There are specific requirements and many school office administrative tools. There are specific requirements for consistency in yearbooks and student identification that must be followed children grow and change so quickly so we offer spring portraits with a special background to commemorate spring with an option to purchase. Spring portraits are set in a casual "environmental" less formal structure that is not used for identification purposes. Plus, many parents have little time to take loved ones to studios for these types of portraits, so they are for your convenience and save you money. 

Q. What is Hollywood soft touch? Click here for sample
A. Soft touch is a Hollywood glamour affect that softens facial lines and blemishes. It creates an appealing soft glow around highlights.

Q. Will the original photograph or the retake be in the yearbook?
A. Re-takes are seldom needed with our effcient, innovative system. However, if you must take advantage of re-take day, your new portrait will be included in the yearbook. As an independent photography company, we still possess the ability to produce yearbook support material after re-take day to ensure all parents are satisfied with their portrait for many years of reminiscing.

Q. Can additional packages be added when my child returns for a re-take?
A. Absolutely, simply fill out a new envelope for the new packages.

Q. I forgot to bring my package to re-take day, can I still retake my picture?
A. Your portrait package has important barcode data on it and it is needed at the time of your retake. So, you must bring the package to school on re-take day in order to participate.

Q. Do you offer family portraits?
A. Yes, by appointment in family homes and environmentally. This service ranges from $70 to $250 depending on the extent and location of your session.

Q. If you take more than one picture, why can't I choose the one I want?
A. We guarantee your satisfaction in the portrait we choose. We must also ensure accurate records, so we only save a single image for each subject. Our experienced staff is trained on the characteristics of a good portrait. You are welcome to take advantage of our re-take options if you are not satisfied with our first capture. 

Q. It's my picture, why can't I pose, wear my hat, or use a prop?
A. It is important that yearbooks must be made consistent for quality and content. This is not permitted in most yearbooks.

Q. Why can't I wear a hat?
A. Hats are not permitted unless for religious or medical reasons. We must take a portrait of you without a hat for the yearbook and school records. We will be happy to accommodate a note from your parent indicating they wish to purchase a portrait with a hat on. This image will not be used in the yearbook or class photos.

Q. Can a non-student sibling purchase a package and be photographed separately?
A. Yes, this must be done before school and is usually only available at the spring shoot. The school will receive the package to be distributed back to the sibling. Some schools will not allow siblings on campus even before schools starts. Please check with your school's policy regarding this prior to bringing your child on campus.

Q. I don't want to be in the yearbook, do I have to have my picture taken?
A. All students and faculty are required to be photographed fro identification, cumulative folders and other administrative records. Students that don't want to be in the yearbook must make arrangements with the school's yearbook advisor.

Q. Can I scan my child's portrait and email it to my cousin out of state or print wallets on my home printer or take the image to somewhere like Walgreens to print extra copies?
. Scanning professional portraits is stealing, it is illegal and is protected by Federal law. Fines can be over $1000 and retail outlets like walgreens can be fined up to $10,000 for violating copyright laws. You must purchase an Image CD from us if you intend to produce copies of this portrait.

Q. How do I obtain a copyright release so I may legally print my own copies of my child's portrait?
A. Copyright releases are available. You can buy a release for just $29.99, item #7 Image CD. Your image will be delivered on a CD-ROM 2400x3000 (8x10 @ 300 dpi) You may then legally make as many copies as you wish.

Q. What if I want to place my school portraits on a mug, T-shirt and mouse pad?
Burgad Imaging can provide most specialty items that you may want or need even if you don't see them on an order form. Please call our office with any special requests at 209-478-9333 or email 

Q. What is a Keepsake Unit?
A. Keepsake units offer a unique look for your child's yearbook style portrait. They add variety and innovation to your home if you display each year of your child's portrait on the same wall.  View Example

Q. What is a dog tag?
A. The dog tag is a metal necklace (can be used as a key-chain) with a permanent portrait of your child embedded directly into the surface. Please click here to view a sample.
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