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Administrative CD's

  • SASI CDs
  • Pinnacle CDs
  • MMS - Computer Resources CDs
  • Aeries CDs
  • Spectrum CDs
  • PowerSchool CDs
  • Fastlane 2000 CDs
  • Cafe Terminal CDs
  • MCS Cafeteria CDs
  • WinSchool CDs
  • STIOffice CDs
  • Follett CDs
  • SchoolMaster CDs
  • Skyward CDs
  • Pentamation CDs
  • AccuScan/Meal Tracker CDs
  • ZAngle CDs
  • EDP Gradebook CDs
  • ESIS CDs
  • SchoolMAX CDs
  • Mealtime CDs
  • PCS Revenue CDs
  • Infinite Campus CDs
  • eSIS CDs(141x186)
  • SILK CDs
  • School Photo Marketing CDs
  • Oracle CDs
  • NutriKids CDs
  • SIRS CDs
  • MIG CDs
  • Turbo School CDs
  • SDS CDs
  • Trevac CDs
  • Maplewood CDs
  • Winsor CDs
  • CMIS CDs
  • Admin PLUS CDs
  • Prom/Church CDs
Burgad Imaging Inc. will work directly with your technology department to ensure the digital images we capture are processed to be compatible with your administrative software Your CD's are typically created in the same timeframe as our photo directories, 3 business days.  With our technologically advanced program, we are actually capable of presenting your school with an instant administrative software CD upon completion of the photo shoot. Of course, we will still provide you with the finished product that is diligently created at our home office. If your software is not listed here, we are happy to work directly with the software provider and our software developers to ensure that an appropriate output is created and loaded to your system in a timely fashion. We are able to work faster than many of our competitors because we do the actual work right here in our office locally.

Many of these developers use the same exact specifications as each other. Odds are, if it is not listed here, one of the listed programs has cross compatible specifications. 


Images are formatted according to guidelines set by your software developers. You will find that our images are easily imported to your system. We also generate CD's that are accepted by other independent printing firms.

Formatting Specification Examples
*Image Size............320x400, 160x200 pixel
*Image Type...........JPG......TIFF......PCT
*Image Style...........Grayscale, RGB, CMYK
*Format..................Compressed, Uncompressed
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