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Class Photos and Composites
Our Custom V.I.P. Composites are Innovative and Unique!

You can customize your school's composites with a variety of background images. An American Flag may be used, or a photograph of the front of your school is an option. Most schools stick to our new uniquely designed background each year. Student names are printed directly under their portraits. The principal and the teacher are highlighted at the top center of the composite. Each teacher will also receive a teacher's version of the composite that does not highlight the students as displayed on the right.

Class Group Pictures

Class group pictures can be an early spring addition to the plethora of services offered by Burgad Imaging Inc. Group photo options may include names or omit names at the base of the photograph. there is a built in rebate to your school of $1.00 for each class group photo sold in the early spring. Each teach will be provided a copy of his or her class photo at no charge.

Staff Group Pictures

Staff group pictures are also an optional complimentary service. The entire staff will be photographed as a group and each will be provided with a free 5x7. The office will also receive a free copy of this portrait as an 11x14 or a 16x20. You may also elect to receive a staff composite in place of a staff group photo.

A photo of the graduating class or of the entire school printed as an 8x24 on a brilliant glossy metallic finish.

All School Group Photo
All school group photo is a fun centerfold to your yearbook and another great opportunity to sell poster prints during the year as another fundraising opportunity. Proudly display this in your office for parents to view during their regular visits to the school subtly letting them know they may purchase and contribute to school funding.

All School Montage
A 24x36 framed print including miniature pinkey nail sized portraits of all the students. This beautiful framed print is yours at our cost of only $50.

All School Composites
may be created in place of the  all school montage.
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