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Portrait Day, Ordering and Delivery

     We supply color brochures with payment envelopes at least two weeks prior to protrait day. Based on your enrollment, we provide 10% overage and bring an additional 10% overage with us as back up. Picture day posters and reminder slips are also sent with this delivery. 
     For parent convenience, we accept payments by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

       On portrait day we recomend one camera team for each 250-300 students for elementary or K-8 schools. For high schools and middle schools 9-12 and 7-8 we send one camera team for each 300-350 students. Our camera teams consist of a photographer and a parent helper. One clerk is also sent from our staff in order to properly orchestrate the procedure . Parent envelopes are reviewed and bar-coded for proper and  accurate identification.

That barcode refers to the information we receive from your school 3-5 days in advance of the shoot including last name, first name, grade, teacher name and ID number. As each student is photographed, their data is immediately matched to their image resulting in
maximum accuracy.
     Pictures are delivered to your school in three weeks or less. They are sorted to your preference for easy distribution. Each portrait order is attractively packaged and clearly identified with a custom label displaying the student's photo, name, grade, homeroom, reference number and package description.  
We track the packaging of each envelope with the reference number to ensure to presence of each order placed prior to delivering to your school. This process eliminates missing packages and serves to verify that the pictures delivered to the students are exactly what was ordered.
     A reorder form is generateed for every student whether or not they order a package on portrait day. This form is accompanied by our complimentary child safety program twin pack of Click-and-Safe ID cards. Each delivery envelope also contains a reorder from and provides the parents with our contact information again. All questions from parents are recommended to contact us directly and NOT the school office.

     Late orders are flexible with Burgad Imaging Inc. For orders placed after delivery dates, parents are required to utilize our secure web server and have the finished product delivered to their home. Since we provide such fast service to all web orders, parents will often receive their portrait in the mail sooner than the normal delivery to the school in three weeks.  This convenient automated process virturally eliminates the need for school involvement beyond the delivery dates of fall portraits.

     Retakes are no Hassle, simply return the photo package on retake day and your portrait will be retaken for free on. There are only  a small percentage of parents that take advantage of this policy since we take great pride in the products we produce. If a parent is still dissatisfied with their portrait, they may return it to us and receive a full refund.
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Mailing address only: 6507 Pacific Ave #139  Stockton, CA 95207  209-478-9333