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Q. Our schedule says that you're starting at 9:30. Why are you here at 8:00?
A. We take great pride in providing our premium service. It is extremely important for us
to be ready on time. So, when the schedule says start, we were ready 15 minutes ago.
We like to leave 60min - 90min to set up our portable studios.

Q. Why do you need more than one photographer?
A. We provide the schools with a guarantee of quality school portraits as well as assurance
that we will get all pictures taken in a timely manner.
We like to keep kids Education, so their out of class time for portraits is typically
less than 10 minutes.

Q. How much space do you need to set up your equipment?
A. Approximately 8'x14' area for each camera.

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Mailing address only: 6507 Pacific Ave #139  Stockton, CA 95207  209-478-9333